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Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti

What were some programme highlights from last year?.

Firstly it was an honour to be able to share with participants something that I have been privileged in being born into which is that of a Māori world view. Being amongst a range of Kaiako and Tumuaki of Early learning Centres through to Intermediate schools was a real eye opener for myself. It was at the fact that every single one of them believe that it is their obligation to Aotearoa, Te Iwi Māori and their profession that they ensure their children in some shape or form are able to experience Te Reo Māori. Taking part in Te Ahu o te Reo Māori was a step closer to fulfilling this obligation.


What would you say to those contemplating whether this is the programme for them?

It is overwhelming, however you will come to realise that it is more than just a language, it's how we view the world. The question is often asked "What and how do we want our tamariki to experience this world we are nurturing them for?". This plays a huge part. To be completely honest I feel that once people open their hearts and minds to Te Ao Māori and Te Reo Māori they will come to realise that how we view our world will definitely benefit you and your reason for wanting to join the programme.

What is your why?

I have an obligation to my whānau, my kuia and my koroua to ensure that the upbringing and privileges they secured for me as their mokopuna and tamaiti not be in vain, and being able to share as part of the Kāuru whānau a tiny aspect of my being with those who are willing is another branch of many that I have embarked on to ensure the richness of our culture remains.

Putiputi Olsen
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