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Level 3
Advanced Beginner

Enhance the language of Champions

This part-time programme will give you insights into becoming an advocate, role model and champion of te reo Māori. Enhancing te reo Māori adds great value to revitalising the language and to the lives of others. You will learn more about te ao Māori, tikanga Māori and how you can incorporate this taonga into your work or learning environment. 


Who is the programme for?

  • Teachers from early learning services through to secondary school

  • Kaiako, from Kōhanga Reo through to wharekura

  • Non-teaching and support staff in kura, schools, wharekura, early learning services and Kōhanga Reo.


If you are interested in expanding your vocabulary, engaging in more conversational te reo Māori, improve your understanding of grammer and contribute to the normalisation of the Māori language in your learning environment, this is the Māori language programme for you. Learn from Pūkenga (tutors) who are experts at providing a nurturing and safe language learning environment.

Focus Areas

  • Local Dialect – Whakahua: 
    Whakahua is to build and enhance the ability to pronounce correctly.

  • Use – Whakamahi: 
    Whakamahi is to develop and boost the confidence to use the language in simple and effective ways.

  • Grammar – Whakarārangi: 
    Whakarārangi is to build and develop the competence to structure simple and complicated sentences correctly.

  • Revitalisation – Whakarautaki: 
    Whakarautaki is to create awareness and equip participants with the best knowledge to further contribute to te reo Māori prosperity.

  • Curriculum – Whakarauemi: 
    Whakarauemi is to provide and co-create resources to normalise the use of te reo Māori in the learning setting.

To read more about the learning outcomes or success indicators for this programme follow the link: >


Completing this course will help you:

  • To use common features of local language to use te reo Māori in useful and appropriate ways.

  • To participate in te reo activities in the classroom to further contribute to te reo Māori prosperity.

  • To demonstrate knowledge of simple sentence grammar.

  • To use Māori language in curriculum delivery.

  • To choose key strategies that promote Māori language.


Fee free and includes an allowance for kaiako attending full day activities held during work days.

Level 3: List

Programme Schedule

Level 3: List

Start Date

There are three intakes for 2023:​

TERM 1 – Cohort 1

  • Week starting and ending:
    January 30, 2023 – April 23 2023

TERM 2 – Cohort 2

  • Week starting and ending:
    April 24, 2023 – July 16 2023 

TERM 3 – Cohort 3

  • Week starting and ending:
    July 17, 2023 – October 8 2023 

How you'll study

  • 12 weekly evening classes​: 6pm to 9pm

  • x2 1-day Wānanga: Physical and online.

  • Puka Mahi: Activity book

  • 3 day Symposium



  • Lower Hutt – Tuesdays

  • Wellington City – Wednesdays

  • Porirua  – Thursdays

Duration & Hours

  • 12 weeks of learning

  • 120 hours

Symposium Dates

Wānanga Dates

Face-to-face wānanga:

  • Term 1 - Cohort 1: 5 March 

  • Term 2 - Cohort 2: 28 May  

  • Term 3 - Cohort 3: 20 August 

Online wānanga:

  • Term 1 - Cohort 1: 2 April  

  • Term 2 - Cohort 2: 25 June   

  • Term 3 - Cohort 3: 17 September 

  • 24, 25, 26 November 2023 

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