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Keelan Ransfield

Ngāti Tukorehe, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Porou

Share your experience as a Pūkenga (Tutor) of Te Ahu o
te Reo Māori.

Working with a group of tauiwi kaiako, kaiāwhina, kaimanaaki pūtea from the same kura was beneficial to all this year, as we were able to utilise their schools staff room for classes which then made the majority of kaiako relax as they were in their familiar surroundings. They made the other kaiako feel at home which showed in their learning and the support they were able to give each other was fantastic during class and at school during the week. This scenario was a little like how the Huinga Reo was held at El Rancho and not on a marae. The kaiako felt comfortable and did not have to worry about breaking tikanga etc.


What responsibilities come with being a Champion of te reo Māori?

The concept of tuakana/teina is one for me. 

“Mā te tuakana e tiaki te teina, mā te teina e tiaki te tuakana”.


What would you say to those who are contemplating becoming a te reo Māori Champion on this kaupapa but are hesitant or anxious?

Trust in the process and walk the talk. 

‘Tū whitia te hopo’. Do your karakia then feel the fear and do it anyway!

“Mā te kōrero ka ora tonu te reo, te hā a ngā tūpuna Māori”.

It helps if you are willing to learn.

Today we only need to look at mainstream TV and Radio where more Te Reo Māori is being spoken and songs are being sung in Te Reo Māori. Watching Māori TV and listening to Māori Radio will help build your Reo and understanding. It will give you more of an insite into our Māori world. If you want to see local people on TV that’s where you will see them.


Tikanga around pōwhiri and mihi whakatau and understanding around how it should happen, what’s the difference between both, where should the school seek support for this if they don’t have the expertise amongst staff to perform such rituals were some questions asked of me at the Huinga Reo by kaiako and Principals. These questions can be answered as you learn Te Reo Māori. Kia kaha rā!

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